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Demitra Sealy is currently one of Australia's most sought after script editors and assessors.

" I don't often throw this word around- but her work is brilliant!

 ... Demitra has given me a fresh, female, millennial perspective in an industry where that is the largest most powerful consumer market."

- Michael Robertson (Prodigy Movies )

Working between New York City, Boston and Sydney, Demitra fundamentally works in ghost editing; meaning you end up with a beautifully polished script and all the credit! Her unique approach to script work, which is focused on building meaningful character relationships/evolution, story arc and audience journey, has gained her quite a loyal clientele. 


Demitra has collaborated with some of the best writers, playwrights, directors and script editors from all across Australia and NYC. Working with companies including The ABC, Screen Victoria, Screen Australia, Screen NSW, Playwriting Australia, The Australian Institute of Music, Truant Films, Capstone Pictures, The Capstone Group, The Hayes Theatre, Toil Films, Prodigy Movies to name a few. 


Feel free to get in touch about your writing, assessment and editing needs, or just anything else you’re curious about.

Skype: demitra.sealy

Mobile (AU): +61 421152707

Mobile (US): 1 718 4270 464

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