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What makes my approach so unique?

Demitra started her editorial career in theatre as a dramaturge. She trained as a dramaturge during her Bachelor degree at the Australian Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) and with Playwriting Australia's (PWA) renowned Dramaturgy Internship and National Script Writing Workshops. While at PWA Demitra realised this was where she belonged, she adored the craft of script editing and wanted to make a living doing this! She came to appreciate the complexity of the art and began developing her own hands-on approach to script analysis.

Her first job came as dramaturge for the Australian Premier of Jason Langley's production of 'Chekhov in Hell' and as a resident dramaturge for playwrights Jada Alberts and Tom Holloway during her time with the  National Script Writing Workshops. Transitioning now mainly into script doctoring, Demitra has worked as dramaturge on theatrical productions all around Australia, a script doctor for writers world wide and as a script assessor for prestigious companies world wide and Australian funding bodies. She also works as a regular editor for local radio and several world wide online and print publications. 

Demitra is incredibly well-read/watched, passionate about the film industry, intelligent and communicative. But what makes her approach so unique? When starting out, Demitra saw a gap in the industry amongst editors. Most editors edited the 'stuff' on the page! Coming from an acting background, Demitra has had first-hand experience in storytelling and understanding of the mechanics of character, so she knew that editing this way left shallow characters, hard for actors to bring to life. They had no deeper reasons as to why they are doing and saying what they are doing and saying other than the writer 'needed them to' to drive the story. 


What she does excellently and uniquely is she helps discover what motivates that character into doing something in the first place. Letting the writer find the unique voice from there. She look for holes that would be troublesome for an audience to ignore and try to find nuances that make the characters interesting, relatable and unique.


Demitra works heavily with what is not written on the page- an odd idea for a script editor.  


Demitra worked on the script for my documentary series 'Becoming Superhuman' for the ABC. She came in a few days before filming and totally turned the script around. It went  to literally award winning in hours. I have no doubt the series would not have been nearly as successful without her guidance. 

Dr Jordan Nguyen


Tv personality, Key Note Speaker and Engineer 

Michael Robertson

Producer & Founder of Prodigy Movies

I don't often throw this word around- but her work is brilliant!

For my films, Demitra has not only provided  extraordinary work but has given me a fresh, female, millennial perspective in an industry where that is the largest most powerful consumer market.

Elliott Yancey

Producer & Founder of Toil Films

Demitra works as the resident script doctor for my film company 'Toil Films'. She is my secret weapon; a  well-rounded, hard working creative that has awarded my company successes that I never would have imagined.

She easily bounces from genre  with grace and has given me invaluable guidance on where to invest my time and money.


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